Just 2 years ago, this match was something no one thought would ever happen.

When I first got back into pro wrestling 3 years ago, I never thought it would be as good as it is now.

I was already happy with NXT and NJPW. Both promotions excelled at in-ring action and character diversity, so it felt pretty good to be a wrestling fan again.

Still, I had no illusions of it ever returning to the insane heights it did in the 90’s, when wrestling was ultra mainstream. Back then, everybody knew who the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were. Even street vendors rocked bootleg WWF shirts. Wrasslin’ was that popular.

That was…

“Things have changed for me. And that’s OK. I feel the same, I’m on my way.” — That Green Gentleman, Panic! at The Disco

I’ve been thinking about this line lately. It’s from “That Green Gentleman”, a song that came out in 2008 when I was a twenty-year-old in college. At the time, I thought I felt this song’s message since college was a whole different world from the alma matter I stayed in for 12 years.

But today, at 32 years old and a year-plus into a global pandemic, this line hits completely different. …

There’s nothing like witnessing a masterpiece in the making.

It’s so rare that in my 32 years of living, I’ve only seen it unfold twice. First with Breaking Bad, and currently, with Better Call Saul.

Now yes, Better Call Saul is still ongoing. But come on, do you really think Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan would shit the bed as hard as the Game of Thrones guys did? Absolutely not.

But when it comes to anime or manga, I haven’t been as lucky to witness the same thing happen. I’m still disappointed at how bad Naruto ended. …

Music videos aren’t what they used to be.

Back in the pre-broadband internet years, they were much bigger cultural touchpoints. Remember music-focused channels like MTV and Myx? They were mainstays in our TV-watching habits. We looked forward to seeing the music videos to the songs we loved, as they added a lot to our enjoyment of them.

They were also a pretty cool thing to talk about with your friends. It was fun to discuss whether the video did justice to the song, and to try to decipher the meaning behind the more cryptic ones.

But nowadays, we consume music…

Adee De Leon

writer, dreamer, home cook

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